Wii Cricket?

With the motion sensing Wii-mote, there is lot of potential for a Cricket game in the Wii. Imagine the possibility of you and your friends playing multiplayer cricket online! With a swish of your wii-mote, you can hit the ball all around the virtual park. Fielding will be the most extraordianry. How will you catch the ball with your wii-mote? I think wicket keeping will be the most unwanted role to play in a Wii-cricket game.

Also, the bowler should never forget that he is playing a virtual game, otherwise he may end up in-swinging or leg-spinning the Wii remote, which will do more harm to the remote than the batsmen.

Update (21/Nov/2006): I meant the above paragraph as a joke. But then, there are reports of things like this happening. Apparently, this guy broke his 60″ LCD screen when bowling (bowling as in baseball) in WiiSports!!