Droolworthy 3: ‘Ultimate’ – a new range of stunning Windows Mobile devices from i-mate

 Though the most number of new devices announced at the 3GSM were running Windows Mobile, the whole range of phones – right from the Toshiba’s G900 to HTC Vox are all looking dull, boring and very predictable. They differ just in screensize and the application processor they are running. Suddenly Windows Mobile devices started looking less appealing. The Ultimate range

Not for long. Enter the old war horse, i-mate. The Dubai based company has become an OEM (in that they no longer procure their devices from ODMs like HTC or Techfaith) and started manufacturing devices to their own specifications and design. And the first range of mobile devices called ‘Ultimate’ look very appealing. These mobiles will be sporting the recently launched Windows Mobile 6 and comes in five different form factors.

I especially like the flip phone – the model which will be called the 8150. After carrying bulky Windows Mobile devices like the Krome Spy and O2 Mini S for long time, a flip form factor is a welcome change. While the above devices only exist on paper today, i-mate says that these will be launched in Q2 2007, which means they are only a couple of months away from seeing their light of the day. Welcome back i-mate to the Windows Mobile club. We almost wrote you off after you broke your ties with HTC!

More pictures at Engadget.


Droolworthy 2: The Nokia E90


It is that time of the year again! With a flurry of new mobile device announcements expected to come in the next few days from 3GSM congress happening at Barcelona, Spain, all your taste sensors have to work over time! One another device, probably ‘the star of 3GSM 2007’ is the Nokia E90. A new arrival in the venerable communicator series of Nokia, the E90 is a world class business phone with an impressive array of features. This one can truly be called a Nokia Multimedia Computer!

  • Quadband GSM
  • UMTS with HSDPA [European 2100]
  • GPS
  • 800×352 internal screen resolution [Yippeee! Now who needs a Nokia N800!]
  • 320×240 external screen resolution
  • Wi-Fi [b/g]
  • A remarkable keyboard
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
  • UPnP [Will do wonders with Vista]
  • 3.2 MP camera [one on front for Video calling]
  • Symbian OS

Boy, did Nokia miss a thing? The final price may even be cheaper than an exorbitantly priced, often compared and 6-months-to-go cellular phone!

Hands on from Engadget here.

A very detailed review from My Symbian here.

Droolworthy: Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Frankly speaking, I am not all that excited about iPhone. Lack of 3G and lack of an SDK for 3rd party developers really put me off. It will be a year before it reaches this country and by that time, there will be the likes of Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W880i and a couple of Windows Mobile 6 based phones with 3G, GPS etc., waiting to greet the lesser capable iPhone. And mobile phones in India are not operator subsidized, which means the iPhone will be prized anywhere near a whopping $1000.

The Ultra Smart F700

On my current drool list is the recently unofficially unveiled Samsung F700. HSDPA, a big screen anda 5 megapixel camera means we have a winner already. Things unknown are the OS it is running and the base chipset platform (CPU is undoubtedly Samsung’s). Hope it is not running an obscure Samsung OS.

From the looks of it, I get a feeling that the UI is based on Adobe Flash (Similar to the recently unveiled LG Prada). All other unknowns will get cleared when Sammy officially unveils this beauty at 3GSM 2007, starting Monday.

More pictures at Engadget.

Top 10 Java applications for your mobile phone

You don’t need a Treo or a flashy Windows Mobile phone to work or play on your mobile. With these nifty Java applications, you can turn your cell phone into a tiny computer which can do much more than making calls and sending SMS. And did I say that all these applications are free to download and use? Please note that some of these applications need a data plan to access wireless internet.

10. Calculator. Forget the useless +,-/,* calculator on your mobile phone. This great calculator application looks and works like a real scientific calculator. Includes: Trigonometrical and statistical functions, decimal to binary/hex/octal, GCD, LCM, reciprocal, square root etc., etc.,

9. Microcalc. Some people cannot live without spreadsheets. This one is for your mobile. Though the development seems to have ceased for this application, the latest version available works really well. There is a beta for Microcalc 2 available with more features.

8. Flurry. Free email client and RSS reader. You can check your personal email accounts including Gmail with a nice Java GUI rather than the WAP interface provided by your email service provider. Another nice J2ME email client is MovaMail – but it is not free.

7. M-Sudoku. GPL Sudoku for your mobile phone. There are many non-free versions out there, but this one is the best.

6. EQO. EQO brings the power of Skype to your mobile phone. Yes, free SkypeOut calls from your mobile phone! The downside? You need to keep your home PC running all the time, so that EQO can connect to your Skype. If you make a lot of calls and want to save some air time, use EQO.


5. Reporo. Reporo is an integrated messaging and IM client for Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Google Talk etc., You can even be logged-in to multiple IM accounts at the same time. The developers constantly keep improving this product – Reporo now has online shopping on it!

4. Google Maps. Driving directions. Real-time traffic. Satellite imagery. Install this on your mobile phone before you do anything else.


3. Widsets. Widsets [beta] is the Konfabulator for your cell phone. With so many widgets to choose from – RSS readers to little games, Widsets brings in eye candy and plenty of entertainment to your mobile phone. Windows Mobile Pocket PC users note: It does not yet work with your touch screen, but can take input from the keyboard. Trivia: Widsets is owned by Nokia.

Opera Mini

2. Opera Mini. Opera Mini uses a proxy to strip-off much of the unwanted graphics and compresses the html data for faster access and rendering on your mobile screen. Opera Mini re-formats the HTML content to render properly on your cell phone. The caching mechanism on the phone works lightning fast – you have to use it to believe it! Just hit the back button and notice how fast the previous page loads! Dump that stupid WAP browser on your mobile and start using Opera Mini. Go to http://mini.opera.com on your mobile phone to download and install Opera Mini.

Official Gmail for Mobile

1. Gmail Mobile. Arguably, the best email client ever created with J2ME. Gmail Mobile attempts to bring the desktop Gmail experience to your tiny mobile screen and succeeds in that. Threaded conversations, the legendary Gmail search, ability to mark mails as spam and ability to view attachments of any type including MS Word/MS Powerpoint and PDF makes this little client a must have for your mobile phone. Type in http://gmail.com/app on your mobile browser to install Gmail Mobile. Windows Mobile users: Use the IBM J9 JVM for best results.