Poor Linux Performance on PS3

When news about Linux support on PS3 was coming in a few months earlier, honestly, I was excited a little too much and started saving money for my console. A home computer running on a 9 core processor is no doubt a drooling proposition for any tech enthusiast. I even drew up a plan to use my PS3 as:

  • my main computing machine (I can happily relegate the Centrino to my Wife)
  • media center after installing mythtv on it (using a USB tuner)
  • and as a game console too.

Now that news about actual performance of Linux on PS3 has started pouring in, there is very little to cheer about.

  • The architecture is such that Linux cannot take advantage of all the cores in the system
  • The system compares in performance only to a low end G5
  • Initial reviews and comparisons do not show a better gaming experience than the XBox360.

So what next? Without second thoughts, I quickly dropped my plans for a PS3 and decided to build a media center PC over the weekend. And what a fun filled weekend it was! My Windows XP Media Center PC coupled with a Samsung 940BW wide screen has suddenly changed the TV viewing/multimedia experience at home! I have detailed post coming up later today with full details on how I built a Windows MCE PC from scratch.


Wii Cricket?

With the motion sensing Wii-mote, there is lot of potential for a Cricket game in the Wii. Imagine the possibility of you and your friends playing multiplayer cricket online! With a swish of your wii-mote, you can hit the ball all around the virtual park. Fielding will be the most extraordianry. How will you catch the ball with your wii-mote? I think wicket keeping will be the most unwanted role to play in a Wii-cricket game.

Also, the bowler should never forget that he is playing a virtual game, otherwise he may end up in-swinging or leg-spinning the Wii remote, which will do more harm to the remote than the batsmen.

Update (21/Nov/2006): I meant the above paragraph as a joke. But then, there are reports of things like this happening. Apparently, this guy broke his 60″ LCD screen when bowling (bowling as in baseball) in WiiSports!!