Poor Linux Performance on PS3

When news about Linux support on PS3 was coming in a few months earlier, honestly, I was excited a little too much and started saving money for my console. A home computer running on a 9 core processor is no doubt a drooling proposition for any tech enthusiast. I even drew up a plan to use my PS3 as:

  • my main computing machine (I can happily relegate the Centrino to my Wife)
  • media center after installing mythtv on it (using a USB tuner)
  • and as a game console too.

Now that news about actual performance of Linux on PS3 has started pouring in, there is very little to cheer about.

  • The architecture is such that Linux cannot take advantage of all the cores in the system
  • The system compares in performance only to a low end G5
  • Initial reviews and comparisons do not show a better gaming experience than the XBox360.

So what next? Without second thoughts, I quickly dropped my plans for a PS3 and decided to build a media center PC over the weekend. And what a fun filled weekend it was! My Windows XP Media Center PC coupled with a Samsung 940BW wide screen has suddenly changed the TV viewing/multimedia experience at home! I have detailed post coming up later today with full details on how I built a Windows MCE PC from scratch.


Wii Cricket?

With the motion sensing Wii-mote, there is lot of potential for a Cricket game in the Wii. Imagine the possibility of you and your friends playing multiplayer cricket online! With a swish of your wii-mote, you can hit the ball all around the virtual park. Fielding will be the most extraordianry. How will you catch the ball with your wii-mote? I think wicket keeping will be the most unwanted role to play in a Wii-cricket game.

Also, the bowler should never forget that he is playing a virtual game, otherwise he may end up in-swinging or leg-spinning the Wii remote, which will do more harm to the remote than the batsmen.

Update (21/Nov/2006): I meant the above paragraph as a joke. But then, there are reports of things like this happening. Apparently, this guy broke his 60″ LCD screen when bowling (bowling as in baseball) in WiiSports!!

PSP Wi-Fi annoyance and how to fix it

Thanks to Devhook, I still run only the 1.5 firmware for my PSP. Yesterday, since my wife was using my laptop, I had no other option but to browse the net on the PSP. I was surprised that I could not connect to my APN using my emulated 2.71 firmware. It is quite sometime since I used the Wi-Fi on my PSP but I could not recollect an instance where it failed to connect to my home network. I use WPA AES encryption and was repeatedly getting a stupid 80410D05 error message. If I change the encryption, I got a nice 80410D06 message! What an improvement!

The fix (after some extensive Googling) is simple. This seems to happen to folks using the linksys router. Login as administrator in your router, go to Wireless-> Advanced Wireless Settings. You’ll see a combo box for Basic Rate among others. Change the value from default to 1-2 MBps and save your settings. Now try reconnecting your PSP. It should work.

PSP USB ISO Loader released – Play ISOs off your HDD or Thumb Drive

While I am totally against piracy, these kind of innovative ideas are what keeps the “Homebrew” scene running. The ability to connect the hard disk and run games of it is just incredible – which I am sure no one thought of earlier! Hats off to the hacker who pulled this off.

Well, now I don’t need to carry all my games with me when I am on a vacation. Just one hard drive with all my ripped games on it. Ha! Thank God, I never upgraded my firmware beyond 1.5

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Freebies galore!

PS2 free with every PS3?

Technology world is fast catching up with Tamilnadu politics on giving away freebies. Vote for Sony and get PS2 free with PS3!

Play Station 3

On a serious note, this seems to be a pretty simple and straightforward solution for Sony, rather than writing complicated emulators with different instruction sets. What the article fails to note is that, The PS2 console itself has a PSOne console built-in to provide complete backward compatibility! So this should not surprise many of us who know the history.