Droolworthy: Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Frankly speaking, I am not all that excited about iPhone. Lack of 3G and lack of an SDK for 3rd party developers really put me off. It will be a year before it reaches this country and by that time, there will be the likes of Nokia N95, Sony Ericsson W880i and a couple of Windows Mobile 6 based phones with 3G, GPS etc., waiting to greet the lesser capable iPhone. And mobile phones in India are not operator subsidized, which means the iPhone will be prized anywhere near a whopping $1000.

The Ultra Smart F700

On my current drool list is the recently unofficially unveiled Samsung F700. HSDPA, a big screen anda 5 megapixel camera means we have a winner already. Things unknown are the OS it is running and the base chipset platform (CPU is undoubtedly Samsung’s). Hope it is not running an obscure Samsung OS.

From the looks of it, I get a feeling that the UI is based on Adobe Flash (Similar to the recently unveiled LG Prada). All other unknowns will get cleared when Sammy officially unveils this beauty at 3GSM 2007, starting Monday.

More pictures at Engadget.


Joke of the Year

Its only early 2007. But this quote will remain as one of the Jokes of the Year.

“You don’t want your phone to be an open platform. You need it to work when you need it to work. Cingular doesn’t want to see their West Coast network go down because some application messed up.”

Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Inc. on why the iPhone will not support third party applications.

The iPod Factory – Story of the ‘Fox’es.

These days, I avoid posting anything that is non-technical in this website. This one is an exception since this is related to Apple, one of the most admired tech companies. Typically, almost all electronic devices are manufactured by ODMs (Original Device Manufacturers) and branded with big names like HP, Apple etc., For example, most laptop computers are manufactured by one of the two Taiwan based companies – Compal and Quanta. (They then get branded as HP, compaq, DELL etc.,) The bigger companies work with the ODMs to arrive at the design, components etc., which are then mass produced.

In the same fashion, Apple sources the iPod players from a company called Foxconn, which is again located in Taiwan. The article at Arstechnica shows the pitiable condition of the workers who manufacture the iPods. If what is claimed by the British daily is true, the labourers get only US$50 as their monthly salary. Yes, monthly salary. The pictures of the factory also show the poor environmental conditions in which they work. To add to their misery, half the salary is paid back to the company to take care of food and stay expenses! Thankfully, tech companies in India are not this bad. For example the new Nokia factory in Chennai is said to be of international class with good facilities and offer good pay packets for employees,