Ubuntu Blogs

Probably the most popular Ubuntu blog in the world, apart from the official one, is Carthik Sharma’s. Carthik invited fellow bloggers to tell him whether they too blog about Ubuntu. The response is amazing. Nice to see that so many people are using FOSS operating systems.

Though I don’t write about Ubuntu that often in this blog anymore, one of my old posts always ranks the top post in this website! All my Ubuntu relates posts can be read here.

And finally, what is common between me and Carthik? We both are Tamilians!


2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Blogs

  1. Hi I’ve just wanted to let You know about new Ubuntu promotional website http://www.ubuntustory.com .

    Some time ago I’ve got an idea to add my small brick to Ubuntu wall doing what I can do best – by designing. I’ve prepared with my friend a website where people can read about Ubuntu and share their stories how they are using it.

    It would be perfect if You could mention about it on Your blog and of course share Your story by telling why are You using Ubuntu.

    Thanks in advance!

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