Wii Cricket?

With the motion sensing Wii-mote, there is lot of potential for a Cricket game in the Wii. Imagine the possibility of you and your friends playing multiplayer cricket online! With a swish of your wii-mote, you can hit the ball all around the virtual park. Fielding will be the most extraordianry. How will you catch the ball with your wii-mote? I think wicket keeping will be the most unwanted role to play in a Wii-cricket game.

Also, the bowler should never forget that he is playing a virtual game, otherwise he may end up in-swinging or leg-spinning the Wii remote, which will do more harm to the remote than the batsmen.

Update (21/Nov/2006): I meant the above paragraph as a joke. But then, there are reports of things like this happening. Apparently, this guy broke his 60″ LCD screen when bowling (bowling as in baseball) in WiiSports!!


49 thoughts on “Wii Cricket?

  1. Dude, those are exactly my sentimonies.

    When I was about to get my Wii, I started dreaming of games that would utilise the full potential of the remote, and sure enough Wii Cricket was up there.

    If only they’ll make it…..

  2. I would love to see Cricket for Wii. I wouldn’t think it will take too much to develop since they already have baseball out there.

  3. Ya ..cricket would be great..obviously bowling would be tough . But I am skeptical about Wii even if i miraculously manage to get my hands on one coz its the first of the lot and i expect some ground breaking changes in their next version or from their competitors…this seems to be just the beginning …

  4. Wicket keeping would probably be something like having to put an aim on a ball as it flies towards you, same as catching, while bowling would probably just be a menu system or something.
    But the dream of smacking the ball away with the Wiimote is brilliant.

  5. Bowling could be great! Imagine trying to spin it in.. And fast bowling would clearly work as well…

    The problem I have with the wii is that the remote sucks. Ideally you would want a ball for play cricket with. And a steering wheel for driving games.. etc etc…

    Each game would need it’s own remote. Imagine a cricket ball wii controller with buttons on it to press for spin etc.. It would be excellent!

    (and a sensor on the side so the more you polish it the more it’ll swing! hahahah)

  6. I am only 14 and recieved a Wii from santa wink wink….I personally think that in australia because cricket is such a popular sport wining the recent ashes and all, that it would takes off phenomenally shuting down all the EB games like cricket 07 and ricky ponting….I honestly reckon that Wii will revolutionise the way consoles are played if cricket is entered and released as a game

    Cricket is a game where alot more than one person can play for example when bowling spin will excite different types of people as well as differedt drives, hooks and cuts. This will then result in more enjoyment for all the kids out there! So if someone that has a say in creating Wii games reads it then take it into consideration please…

  7. Even the feel of golf, tennis and baseball on the wii makes me want to hold a cricket bat and play. The feel and response of the wii interface is perfect (well, as close to perfect as you can get for now without actually playing the game)

    Imagine the smack of leather on willow sound from the wii-mote built in speaker system. Slogging a good pull shot, Thwacking a short drive shot.. or for the bowlers out there, ploughing a rip snorter through middle wicket.

    BRING ON the wii cricket developers, center stage – give them as much money and resource as they need to get the game build. Make sure it’s good mind.


  8. This what i found

    Well, it looked like the Wii, Nintendo’s Next-Gen console, was getting the latest Cricket series game, named Cricket 2008, to be released early December this year. However, Nintendo have called it off, mentioning nothing about any cricket games being made in the short term for the revolutionary console, formerly known as the Nintendo Revolution. It seems that the Wii remote would trigger tiny movements and therefore it would be pointless to bowl properly, but batting would be straightforward as is baseball, in Wii Sports. This means that preorders taken from Amazon will be returned, as they have invented an innovative idea to let customers pre-order unconfirmed and/or unreleased games to be first in queue to get it.

  9. I got my wii two week back, and since then only thing which comes into my mind is wii cricket.
    Everything is there to make best cricket game ever, only need someone to make it.
    Imaging using “A” and “B” button to choose for attacking or defensive shots and wii motion sensor for direction.
    For bowling, imaging twisting your arm just before throwing will add spin. Also point where you release the “A” or “B” button will guide whether it will be short or full delivery.
    We can have air factor also, important for spin bowling, and all different types of grounds with varried pace and bounce.
    I am ready to pay more than 60$ for this kind of game.

  10. HEY GUYS!!!
    If they can make Wii baseball, they can make Wii cricket. You wouldnt have to catch the ball. Like on xBox cricket, they catch it for you! Also if you want to leg spin you just press A and a pace or normal bowel you dont have to press anything!!!

  11. cricket on the wii would be awasome u could run on the spot to get from end to end if u wnted to bowl spin just twist the romote as you bowl

  12. Its easy, they should use the same engine for batting as baseball, and for bowling, in order to put spin or swing on you just tilt the remote like in wii sprots’ bowling. Simple. Catiching u just have to press A or B at the right time.

  13. Just want to say I completely agree with the sentiments already expressed here; Wii Cricket, if done correctly, could be just about the most sensational game you could ever play if you’re an aficionado of the sport.

    My friend visited for the weekend and we had great fun on golf, baseball and suchlike. But the brainwave hit us almost simultaneously – what about a cricket game? Bowling would be a tad more problematic, but batting would just be….a delight.

    PARTICULARLY if it allowed you to replicate Test cricket conditions. If so, i’d book 5 days off work, proceed to try and ‘build’ an innings (including several solid forward defence strokes, just to tire the bowler and get a feel for the pitch!) and take lunch/tea breaks at the alloted times. Marvellous stuff!!

  14. a poster said that he’s ready to pay $60 for this sort of a game…mannnn..i’m willing to pay a lot lot more… i can only imagine how awesome this game could actually be!!
    oh….and to the previous poster…Anthony! it’s really good to see there are still some test cricket fans left in this world. we really are a rare breed :p … keep it up mate!

  15. To the previous poster San – always nice to be appreciated!

    For all: I contacted Codemasters and made enquries about whether they will be converting their Brian Lara game onto the Wii. It seems a logical choice to me given they have an established brand, and there’s obviously a huge appetite for such a game in this format.

    Perhaps slightly predictable, their response was thus:

    “Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Brian Lara Cricket 2007.

    Unfortunately we cannot confirm any plans, at the moment, to release Brian Lara Cricket 2007 on the Nintendo Wii. We do not rule out doing a Nintendo Wii version, but this will not be in the immediate future.”

    Ah well, was worth a try.

  16. yh was worth a try mate, in all honesty you’d have to be an idiot to not see the potential creating a game like this could have. I’m already a budding cricketer both on console and on the pitch and i cannot express enough the ecstacy that would run through my veins on hearing that Wii is launching a cricket game!..there would be no doubt that jus the image of smashing a six into the virtual stands would blind me from what ever price i had to pay for this genius!

    My only concern is that, on already owning a Wii and the Wii Sports game, i would be quite dissapointed if the image of a rising of the sun on a crisp green cricket field was then invaded by cartoony, expressionless freaks that are currently present in Wii sports….call me picky but i found it funny for perhaps the first few months nd then they jus started to annoy me a bit. I would personally much prefer the graphics of Brian Lara Cricket or EA Cricket to be incorporated with Wii’s control system ti would just be perfection in my eyes!

    i honestly can’t wait for this to come out, if they ever get round to it. and would kill anyone who got in my way to buying it…hmm wel maybe they would jus get a kick in the groin, we are talking about cricket after all!

  17. My first thought when I ‘acquired’ a Wii via my girlfriend’s brother (he was bored of it). I even convinced myself that I had heard something about Lara coming out… but all I could find was the website http://wiiwantcricket.com/.

    I’ll flag the idea up on my own blog (www.jonsymcox.com) about sport and politics ostensibly, which is just getting off the ground unfortunately – literally down there flapping its arms frantically begging for my effort in fact.

    A square cut; taking on Warney in classic Ashes mode and smacking him out of the ground with Botham; diving into the fireplace to catch Ponting but telling the nurses it was worth it – how could anyone resist that?

    And as a sub-game… the original Playstation Lara!!!!

  18. i would love to see Brian Lara or ea Cricket on the Wii it would be great havinggot a Wii for christmas and waited for a Cricket game to come out since then it would be great playing in a test against Australia i can just imaging it i will definatly be buying one thats if they decide to make one

  19. As an absolute cricket nut, having cricket on the wii would be a great idea. Only prob is that when you field you would probably have to quickly connect the nunchuk to the wii-mote and the be prepared for a catch, witch really sucks. Batting would be the most fun i have ever had.

    cricket on wii would be a great idea but i just dont think it would sucseed on the market with top selling games Like Mario and Zelda.

  20. Cricket on wii would be a great idea however having played the plug-n-play game of cricket i found it very pathetic.. it had all the ideas mentioned above with spin and pace bowling using A and B buttons and it sucked also the batting was very unrealistic

    I reckon that if wii were to make a cricket game then they should use some of the ideas said above such as the different types of controls as it cant be too hard all they would have to do is make a bat just like they did with the tennis racket and the steering wheel ect and if they are to make a wii cricket they should use all forms of the game such as wicket keeping, bowling, batting and fielding it would be great.

  21. Cricket being the second most popular game in the world, I can’t imagine why it not available already. I played base ball; with a few tweaks cricket should be just as easy.
    For bowling, I am sure they can make a ball like control with some for of attachment to prevent breakage.

  22. and you know hwat would be a shweet like mini game thing…. like back yard cricket, if its like raining or somthing… how shweet would that be, god damn i wish they would make ckicket on wii

  23. I just got Wii system and I am an avid cricket follower at the age of 60. I still play regular cricket 40 over One day games every Sunday in Houston, Texas from march to October and then play 30 over or 20/20 starting this year from Nov. to Feb. love to see Cricket on Wii. Come on you all Indian IT wiz kids. develop one and will make a bundle as there are Billion plus followers of cricket.

  24. quote”Well, it looked like the Wii, Nintendo’s Next-Gen console, was getting the latest Cricket series game, named Cricket 2008, to be released early December this year. However, Nintendo have called it off, mentioning nothing about any cricket games being made in the short term for the revolutionary console, formerly known as the Nintendo Revolution. It seems that the Wii remote would trigger tiny movements and therefore it would be pointless to bowl properly, but batting would be straightforward as is baseball, in Wii Sports. This means that preorders taken from Amazon will be returned, as they have invented an innovative idea to let customers pre-order unconfirmed and/or unreleased games to be first in queue to get it.”

    are they dumb or what..all the wud have to do to prevent the sensitivity wud be 2 assign a button to press to time the shot correctly

  25. cricket would be sooooo awsome.
    I no heaps of people with wii consoles and they all want cricket. it would be the most sold game. and if your dumb enough to let your remote go then u deserve to have your t.v broken.

  26. There must be millions of people all over the world that play some form of cricket. Out of all the possible games for a nintendo wii, cricket is a no-brainer. It doesnt take a genius to work out that this would outsell any other game. Even if people do not play cricket for real, they would easily be able to pick up the game on the Wii. EA sports are missing an absolute trick here by not putting together a cricket game. Surely there must be one on the cards!?!

  27. really looking for the wii cricket series. very excited to see this games in Wii where i can guide my roles models in playing the shots and bowling

  28. Here’s how to generate interest from the appropriate games developer.

    Simply point out to them that cricket is the most popular sport in the 2nd most populated country on earth. With an estimated 180 million middle class, sales of the console and the cricket game would be out of this world. Who cares about fans in Australia? You are a drop in the ocean. “Sachin Tendulkar’s Twenty20 Cricket” for the Nintendo Wii would dwarf sales of any other game on the planet…

    Why these suits can’t see what should be plainly obvious is beyond me…

  29. hey guys and girls if any you do know there is a game with cricket on it its not that flash its called big beach sports i think and it does have cricket it may not be to good but is still cricket right 🙂 but stilll can’t wait for a proper one

  30. There is a cricket game on WII called Big Beach Sports. They made cricket as a beach sports (that was the biggest turn off of all)….The game is very premature, but it is cricket and me and my kids enjoy it. I love cricket in any shape or form, so it is better than nothing.

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