Ubuntu on PS3?

Now that it is officially confirmed that you are free to install any OS on PS3, it is time to save some money and buy one as soon as it is launched here or when someone starts selling it on ebay. Going by Sony’s past track record in India, it is unlikely that it will be in showrooms before the end of 2007.

Ever since I read about the Cell processor, I always wanted to get hold of a PS3. The cell based PS3 is likely to be very powerful in terms of processing heavy duty stuff like media encoding, which I often do on my laptop. The 9 core processor will be a refreshing change to the x86 based computers that we have been using for a while now. Though the official Linux is going to be Yellow Dog with enlightenment, I think hardly anyone will go for it. Ubuntu is likely to win the race here, closely followed by Fedora core. (Unforunately, Mandriva stopped shipping PPC versions of there distro sometime back). Interestingly, IBM is already shipping a Cell based general purpose computer with Fedora pre-installed!

This strategy of Sony comes as a big surprise, considering their continued efforts to thwart homebrew development on the PSP.

Sure, exciting days are ahead!

Update (28-Dec-2006): Here are some instructions for installing Ubuntu on PS3.  Warning: Not for the faint of heart.


5 thoughts on “Ubuntu on PS3?

  1. We need Ubuntu to be on the PS3 I understand that the linux Kernel need some patches in order to run properly on the PS3.

    I think that developing linux for an 9 core machine is the next step in the evolution of the Linux Kernel .

    Its the Best PC buy out there , never mind using it as a games console!

  2. Yes, I do agree. I am currently trying to understand how the Linux implementation on PS3 is going to work.

    But there is also the threat of multicore processors outdating the PS3 in about a years time. With Intel announcing quad core processors and AMD to follow suit soon, this space is getting heated up again!!

  3. I agree, I really want someone to get Ubuntu up and going on PS3. For me it’s more a matter that I really love apt, versus rpm, and I’m comfortable with gnome vs enlightenment.
    I’m especially excited about the prospect of using it as a home media pc of sorts. Play all my network stored videos, etc. on the boobtube.

  4. Except for the fact that the PS3 only has 256MB memory… I think it would make a really good desktop machine as well.

    Though I think that due to the limited memory Xubuntu will be the best choice of it.

    I can´t wait to get my PS3 and compile PCSX and/or PCSX2 on it. 😉

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