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When I started using Linux a few years ago, I started out with Mandrake and remained a great fan of it till Fedora core came out. After the recent hype of Ubuntu, I gave that distribution too a try.

Now that some positive reviews of Mandriva 2007 is coming out, I thought I will give my old favorite a try again. And believe me, I was’nt disappointed. Mandriva 2007 is a well polished, great looking, feature packed desktop with all the modern bells and whistles. I tried out the Live CD called Mandriva One (which also allows you to install a desktop version a la Ubuntu) and it is heartening to see that Mandriva is back in action after keeping low for a few years.

Mandriva 2007

Unlike Ubuntu, Mandriva can play most multimedia formats out of the box, including mp3 and divx! As soon as you install it, you are up and running! No need to fiddle with third party repositories that can potentially break your system. Wireless configuration was seemless – it had no problems in connecting to my home network with WPA. What’s more, it comes even with a nice 3D desktop!

Now that I am happy with Mandriva One, I am planning to install the 4 CD version over this weekend. Expect a full length review soon!


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