Cost of a Vista Upgrade

My Compaq presario v2000 laptop is about 10 months old. It runs Windows XP SP2 comfortably. The specs are as below:
Pentium M 1.6 GHz
768 MB RAM
80 GB Harddrive
Intel 915 GMA 900 graphics

I tried 3 beta releases of Vista (5478, pre-RC and RC1) on it. Barring some issues like no aero support, huge memory usage and some multimedia glitches, it does run Vista in a OK sort of manner. But the performance is nowhere near as XP. I just did an estimate of how much it will cost me in case I want to upgrade XP on it to Vista ultimate. Vista itself takes about 10 to 12 GB for a plain Vanilla install and with the fact that there is only 3 GB of space left in my C drive, it becomes essential to upgrade my hard drive too. So here is the final result:

Kingston DDR2 1 GB RAM upgrade : Rs 7000
120 GB Hard drive 2.5"         : Rs 6800
Windows Vista Ultimate         : Rs 11396 ($259 for upgrade from XP Pro at exchange rate of $1= Rs 44)
                         Total : Rs 25196 (==$572)

That is the price of a new Celeron/Turion 64 based laptop in India!!   
Now, here is another interesting calculation.

Cost of Vista Upgrade                : Rs 25000
Sale price of my 10 month old laptop : Rs 25000 (Bought for about 49k)
Additional 12 k from my pocket       : Rs 12000
                               Total : Rs 62000.

INR 62K is the price of a new 17″ Core 2 Duo iMac in India. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cost of a Vista Upgrade

  1. Wow! I already have prospects!
    If interested, please email me in the address specified in the about section 🙂 We can strike a deal.

    You may be the God (Read: Steve Jobs) send who will get the Mac at my home 🙂

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