Newsgator Alternatives?

As I noted in a previous post, I was happily using the newsgator web front-end/Netnewswire and their pocket pc client for my RSS reading purposes. ‘Newsgator Go’ recently came out of beta and the trial version that I installed on my Pocket PC is about to expire in a few days. I have no intentions of buying ‘Newsgator Go’ as it is heavily over priced at about $30. I personally feel that a simple RSS reader like Newsgator Go does not demand such premium. I will be surprised if anyone pays that much money for this piece of Software which can be written by a school student in a week’s time. Moreover, NG can hardly be called a feature-rich client as freeware alternatives like pRSSReader (my previous favorite) can beat NG handsdown in any side-by-side comparision.

My only reason for using NG was its ability to sync with Newsgator Online. It helped me to keep my feeds ‘in Sync’ irrespective of where I am at a given time.

So what are the alternatives? Create a new feedreader from scratch that can sync with bloglines/Google Reader? Well, I am too lazy to do that. Can some one suggest some good alternatives? I am not too keen to use the bloglines mobile interface as it is slow. I would like to cache the content on my PDA and then read it, rather than clicking on a link and then wait for the page to load.


One thought on “Newsgator Alternatives?

  1. I understand your frustration. I have just switched over to NG or its syncing abilities and am having a hard time finding a Linux client for it.

    Anyone managed to find/write one yet?

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