The perfect RSS reader?

Chrono Cracker at Chronotron has an interesting post on the features that he expects from a good RSS reader.

I agree with most of his points. My problem is little different. I read RSS feed at Office(Oh, Yah, during lunch breaks), at Home and on my Pocket PC phone, while commuting. The biggest pain I had was to keep track of the posts that I have read/not read. While some web based readers provide a mobile interface, it is a pain to read using them. Also, while I am sitting in front of my desktop I would rather read posts using an RSS reader client than a web browser. Then I found that Newsgator, the popular web based RSS reader service provides a synchronization feature across all your RSS reader installations. So now I use newsgator in the following way:

– Newsgatoronline at Work

Netnewswire Lite at home [free version of NetnewsWire]
Newsgator Mobile on my Pocket PC [currently in beta].

And the interesting part is all of this sevice comes for free, including Netnewswire Lite and Newsgator Mobile. Newsgator Mobile is a nice and fully featured RSS reader for your Pocket PC and synchronizes with your newgator feeds automatically. These three make an ideal trio in enhancing your RSS feed reading experience.


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