Upcoming Review: Windows Vista

I just installed Windows Vista build 5472 on one of the partitions in my laptop. I am currently in the process of writing a detailed review. Though there are enough reviews available on the internet, this one will focus more on the advanced features like Superfetch, file versioning, Ready Boost and Mobile Sync in addition to the new applications like Photo Gallery, iCal err… mmm.. Windows Calender etc.,

My initial impressions with Vista are good. The installation went through without any glitch. None of the applications have crashed in the last few hours of testing.

And did I tell you that this post is completely written using Live Writer? Obviously this is a much improved version of the blog support built into Office 2007 beta that I blogged about a few months back. It has become much more polished, supporting many more services. The best thing I liked about the tools is its support for embedding images in your posting. No need to mess around with the images on WordPress editor. You can also tag your posts.

The Live Writer release surprised many people, the net is full of initial reviews of this product. Live Writer shows how Microsoft is maturing as a company in embracing third party standards support. Another very interesting move from MS in the recent days is support for PHP in .Net. There is a project now hosted on codeplex which attempts to add a PHP CLR compiler.


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