More niceties from WordPress

WordPress just rocks. Probably one of the best decisions I made in the recent times was to switch from Blogger to WordPress. While Blogger is dull and un-exciting, WordPress is always bubbling with new features almost everyday. Blogger, as most Google products are – is closed source, while WordPress is Open Source with a very active promoters and community. If you are using Blogger, do yourself a favor and switch to WordPress. You won’t lose anything – it can import every one of your old posts along with the comments. It is even better to get a hosting service on your own – you will have more control over your content and presentation. For example, JavaScript is not allowed within, but if you have your own hosting you can do whatever you want with your wordpress installation. Apart from that, there are a whole lot of plugins available for wordpress, which can be used if you have your own hosting.

The recently introduced “Tag Surfer” is a great new feature. At a single glance, I can find out what other people with same interests as me are blogging about. Great way to make friends and learn too. I was surprised to see that there are so many people who are using the tag ‘Me!’.


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