Liferea – The best Linux news reader

My search for the best news reading application for Linux is over. After trying out several applications like Straw, Akregator etc., I finally settled on Liferea. Liferea is a GTK based application which is ideal for the gnome desktop. Though it does not have features like discovering multiple feeds within a website, emailing posts etc., it serves its purpose as a basic yet powerful news reader. The obligatory screen shot is below (click to enlarge).


To install just do:

sudo apt-get install liferea

Most of the time, just giving the URL of the website is enough to add a feed!


6 thoughts on “Liferea – The best Linux news reader

  1. You should have a look at Newshutch. too! It is a online news reader, advertisement free, fetches news fast and often (though there is no costumization for how often it should check and it preforms lovely on all Web browsers!

  2. @Aleksandersen
    Yes. Newhutch is cool. Probably the best online news reader. But unfortunately, they don’t have a sync api and a mobile interface. That is what is preventing me from making it my primary news reader. Since it is still early days for them, these things probably are still work-under-progress and may be expected soon.

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