Making compiz themes work

If you are using compiz with aiglx and recently did an apt-get dist-upgrade, you would have noticed that your gcompiz themer does not work any more. You can see a lot of new themes in the gcompiz themer and if you are wondering why those are’nt working, it is because those themes work only with cgwd and not gnome-window-decorator. To fix this, first take a backup of your compiz-start file in your /usr/bin folder. Then open the file in your favorite text editor in sudo mode and replace all instances of gnome-window-decorator with cgwd. Save the file and restart gnome. You are all set.

The following screenshot shows the nice looking theme called Vista-ish (click to enlarge).



6 thoughts on “Making compiz themes work

  1. I have no compiz-start file. I tried as indicated on other google’d websites, but no luck. whereis doesn’t help me much either. :/

  2. For some reason, my gnome themes are not working with compiz. I’d like to use a gnome theme and still use the compiz effects. Is there a way of doing this? It isn’t working for me.

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