Ubuntu Install Log 3: Getting P2P and Multimedia working

P2P Applications

The following are the P2P applications that I use in Windows.

  • BitComet for torrent downloading
  • eMule for file sharing. Mostly to search for some eBooks and rare Tamil songs

There are several alternatives in the UNIX world for these two applications. Azureus is a great Bittorret client written in Java. So we need to get JRE before installing azureus.

sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jre sun-java5-plugin

Azureus is not availabe in any of the standard mirrors. So I downloaded from source forge and installed it manually.

The equivalent of eMule in the UNIX world is aMule. I installed it pretty easily by typing

sudo apt-get install amule

I have used both these applications in OS X. So I am quite familiar with them.


Moving on to multimedia, there are quite a lot to choose from. My first goal is to get a Jukebox which is as close to iTunes in terms of functionality. Tough task. Rhythmbox is too simple and XMMS does not have jukebox capabilities. After a little bit of research, I came across this great application: amoraK. To install amoraK:

sudo apt-get install amarok

And to install the mp3 decoder for amaroK:

sudo apt-get install libxine1c2

With support for iPod, a 10band graphic equalizer, dnd playlist creation and podcasting support, AmaroK is a great Jukebox. Though it is a KDE application, it works perfectly with the Gnome desktop.

Other applications that I installed are: Realplayer (A necessary evil), Listen and Xine – a movie player.


So far so good. Tonight I will try plugging in some of my gadgets and peripherals like the HTC Wizard phone, my PSP and the HP Printer. I especially want to investigate the support for bluetooth in Linux. I know that some great progress has been made in this direction, but really want to get my fingers wet in this.


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