Picasa for Linux: A Google disappointment

As part of my experiments with Linux as the primary OS, I was looking for a good photo management application. I remembered that Google made a version for Linux a few weeks back. When I went to the Google site to get more details about it, there was a shock in store for me. Google's port of Picasa is not a native port – it is just a nice package of the Windows version running on top of Wine. Hmmm… I was not expecting this from Google.

That effectively means, any future Linux port of Google applications will only be running on top of wine rather than as native GTK/QT applications.

I am going to try f-spot and will post my finding here soon.

Update 13-Jun-2006: Google is not that bad by the way 🙂 They released the Linux port of Google Earth yesterday. It is a native QT port available here


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