Will iPhone bite the dust?

MobileCrunch: Why the I-Phone Will Be Apple’’s Huge Blunder

Atleast that’s what this article claims. While the author provides a very different perspective of the upcoming (?) iPhone, I beg to differ with him on many of his opinions. The success of iPod (as well as Mac OS and the associated hardware) is because of the simplicity of the UI design and the elegance of the aesthetically pleasing hardware. Though I agree with the author on the quirks of designing an user interface for mobile devices, Apple may still pull a few leaves out of Palm’s and Microsoft’s books (for a change!) to come up with an UI that is simple as well as functional. But the real challenge would be the battery life – the Achilles heel of modern PDA phone devices. If Apple can pull this off (OLEDs, anyone?), then there wont be anything that could stop them from achieving leadership in this segment too.

One more important strategy that Apple should adopt is the release cycle and the number of devices that they are going to release. Unlike the regular mobile device companies which release a new model every other day, Apple should stick to its core business of providing services (like iTunes, location based services etc.,) around the device and not overwhelm the customers with a flurry of iPhones.

Ok. So lets continue keeping our fingers crossed.


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