5 Reasons why the HTC Wizard is better than the Motorola Q

As the much-hyped Motorola Q’s release has now become imminent, it is time to do a little bit of analysis to see if it is really worth all of the hype generated. In my opinion, the HTC Wizard, which is branded as Cingular 8125, Qtek 9100, O2 mini S etc., is a much better option. Here are my 5 reasons why you should select the Wizard over the Q.

1. The Q runs the Smartphone version of Windows Mobile, whereas the HTC Wizard runs Pocket PC Phone edition. Smartphone is a relatively new platform when compared to Pocket PC, hence so many wonderful applications that are available for Pocket PC are not yet available for Smartphone. The Pocket PC platform is more mature and also comes with Mobile Office, whereas Q ships with a 3rd party Office Viewer (no editing is possible).

2. No stylus input for Q. To me, this is a very serious shortcoming. [Though this is again a problem with the Smartphone OS]. Even the other popular Treo platform ships with both keyboard and stylus inputs. Most of the time, you will be using the PDA as a viewer than a input device. Hence, stylus is a much faster and easier option than using the keyboard. (Imagine a day without the mouse!!). The HTC Wizard has a telescopic stylus.

3. No Wi-Fi on Q. HTC Wizard ships with support for 802.11b/g. Need I say more?

4. When I scanned the Smartphone software websites, I see that there are very few applications which are 320×240 compatible. Even though the Wizard also switches to landscape mode when the keyboard is slided out, this is not a major problem because most applications for Pocket PC are landscape mode aware. This is because of the longer history of the platform, whereas the Q is the first Smartphone based mobile phone to ship with landscape orientation.

5. HTC has over 90% of the Windows Mobile market share (Even the Treos and iPAQs are made by HTC) and have a huge portfolio of devices, whereas Motorola’s tryst with WM devices always ended up as disasters. (The list includes the infamous MPX 300, which barely saw the light of the day along with MPX 220 and 200). forum.xda-developers.com is a great website for HTC unofficial support along with numerous others on the internet. Search for mpx 220 and 200 support on the internet!

Disclaimer: I do not work for HTC 🙂 Though the recommendations are based on my personal opinion, you are requested to verify all the facts yourself and judge which is the best device that can suit you. Good luck.

BTW, you just read my 100th post on this blog!


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