Windows Media Player 11 screenshots

Digg had a link to the download for a leaked version of the Windows Media Player 11. My innate urge to try anything new prompted me to download this beta (with a high risk of messing up my Windows XP install! But these days I am a great fan of System Restore – the only feature in Windows XP that is worth an upgrade from Windows 2000). While I am largely disappointed with the lack of anything new in this application, there are a few ‘new’ features which are more or less a ‘catchup’ with other Media players like the iTunes.
The ‘Sync’ View
I use WMP only for this reason – sync media content with my Pocket PC Phone. Nothing new here.

Nice Thumbnail view of the media.

Because of the large icon size you get to see only a few items on the screen. The only worthy new addition is the search-as-you-type feature, which iTunes has for ages now.

Now Playing view – Nothing new here

Overall, a nice new skin for WMP 10!

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