India: The fastest growing cellular market

IBNLive : India to surpass US in mobile business

We knew this is going to happen sometime. But the most interesting fact is that the country still has tremendous growth potential in this area. With only 100 million connections till date in a country which has a 1 billion+ population, it is just a matter of time before it has the largest number of subscribers in the world. No wonder Nokia set up a cell phone manufacturing plant in Chennai in record time.

When cellular services were introduced in India a decade back, the tariff was the highest in the world. Today, it is the cheapest (Believe me, long distance calls within India can now be made for just 2 cents per minute. Yes, you read it right. 2 cents) But the market is still mostly voice based. Though you can get unlimited data plans for about $20, data services are yet to catch up. 3G still seems to be a long way from reality as an amicable settlement for the “Spectrum War” does not seem to be anywhere near.


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