Convert your dumb phone into a smartphone

If you are carrying one of those sexy phones like the RAZR V3/V3i and want to do a lot more than just making calls, here are a few tips that can help in converting it into a smartphone. (Well, almost!). A mobile phone with Java MIDP 2.0 support and a data plan with your cellphone operator are required to run these applications.

Some of these apps will cost you money, but these applications do a great job, so I feel they are worth the cost.

  1. Get Opera Mini. This is a java version of the legendary Opera mobile browser. The Opera proxy strips of much of the graphics, flash animations etc., and perfectly fits the web content on your screen (most of the times). The browsing experience is almost comparable to that on the smaller Symbian phones.
  2. Get EQO. EQO brings Skype to most mobile phones, which was hitherto only available for the elite Windows Mobile phones/PDAs. Click here to see if your phone is supported. The main disadvantage of EQO is that you need to keep a PC always ON and connected to the internet. EQO is currently a beta version and hence free.
  3. Buy RoadSync. While many mobile phones today support POP3 and IMAP servers, only the Blackberries, Treos and Windows mobile phones support Microsoft Exchange Activesync. RoadSync for MIDP 2.0 handsets can synchronize mails with your corporate exchange server. While direct push is not available with the Java version of RoadSync, having corporate email access without Blackberry is a definite plus. A trial version of RoadSync is available via Dataviz’s Office Mobility Kit.

Please leave a comment if I have missed any application that can be added to this list. Enjoy the new Smart avatar of your dumb phone!


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