Mot, better watchout!

If you ever kept the count, I am sure the Motorola Q and the Windows Vista are the ones which could well qualify for the Guinness Records for the most number of ‘delayed again’ news. Competitors sense the opportunity, and pump out products that have more features and can really live up to the hype generated by their originals. Apple is gearing upto take on Vista with its leopard. With plenty of rumoured features that can make Vista look like a pretty ordinary OS, Apple is in an advantageous position now, especially with Boot Camp that was released a few days back.

A Chinese handset maker by name Tech-Faith recently made news for some of their new Windows Mobile based handset offerings. Engadget reports that these guys have a Q clone now! The best thing about this yet-to-be-named handset is that it runs Pocket PC edition of Windows Mobile than the Smartphone version. Samsung already announced the i320, which is even thinner than the Q. It might just happen that these two handsets reach the market before the Q!


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