Hats off to Microsoft

Microsoft to offer cheap Xbox 360 game development kit? | News.blog | CNET News.com

These days, I can’t help appreciating MS – First they opened up the MS Office document formats, now they seem to have come up with a game SDK for $100. This is a message straight on the face to Sony saying that ‘We are here to rule the gaming world”. Sony has closed doors for all sort of development work on PSP (Same may apply for PS3 once it comes out) with successive firmware updates, even though hackers always find a way out. In the recent times, Sony has become infamous for the Rootkit scandal, delayed PS3 and huge licensing fee for development on the gaming platform that it almost tells everyone to stay away from them, even though they produce some high quality gaming systems.

With a breed of homebrew games bound to come for XBOX 360, you can only expect the sale of these machines to sky-rocket, and by the time PS3 comes out, everyone will be singing the XBOX tune.


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