A PDA Saga

I was thinking about the PDA devices I owned till date. Before I lose count, I thought I will create a journal entry so that I do not forget what are the devices I used during my stay at planet earth. Ok, here we go.

1) My first PDA was a Casio PVS 250. Though it had the lowest configuration of all the devices I ever used, it was way ahead of the competition in certain specifications. Back in 2000, it was one of the few devices which came with a flash memory – meaning you never lost the data even if your battery was completely drained out. The best thing about this device was that it ran on 2 AAA sized batteries and on regular usage, the battery lasted upto 6 months! Compare that with a modern PDA which will konk off in a few hours of continuos usage. As I remarked earlier, it had a monochrome screen and came with 2 mb of onboard memory.

2) Palm’s first color PDA became my second proud possession. The Palm IIIc. Acquired sometime during 2002, this nice little device had a great screen and boasted of 8 MB RAM. The screen was not trans reflective which made it almost impossible to use it outdoors.

3) Next came the Audiovox Maestro. It was Toshiba’s first foray into the Pocket PC market which was then dominated by Compaq’s iPAQ. It came with dual card slots and Pocket PC 2002 OS. It is still a very powerful device by today’s standards. I sold it to a friend who never used it, but still managed to break its screen.

4) Towards the end of 2003, I bought this great little computer called Sharp Zaurus, which even today is a hackers delight. It had everything that you expect in a PDA and a lot more. The slideout QWERTY keyboard was a first of its kind. Though the keyboard was bigger than that of a Treo 650, the buttons were a little hard which made it uncomfortable for entering large amount of text. It ran Linux and a whole lot of GNU applications were ported to this mini-laptop. I even ran apache on it once. Never used it the way it was intended to be. I still use the device and it always has a special place in my heart for its versatility.

5) I have to rather shamefully admit that buying the Motorola A768 was one of the biggest mistakes I ever committed in my life. Though it had a QVGA resolution, half the real estate was taken by a stupid menu bar on top of the screen. It came with a paltry 8 MB onboard memory with no expansion slot. Though it ran Linux, absence of SDK meant that there are absolutely no third party applications. What a shame for a linux handset. I exchanged it for the Krome SPY.

6) The Krome iQ700. I would rate this as the best PDA combo I ever owned. A very small form factor coupled with a very capable Windows Mobile 2003 makes the HTC Typhoon a runaway success in the history of Smartphones. I have a very detailed review of this phone in this website.

7) The Krome SPY. One of my current possessions. Also known as O2 mini or the imate JAM, this is one of the best multimedia phones out in the market. The Audio quality rivals that of iPod. Very handy – when it was released it was the smallest Pocket PC phone in the world.

8) Just acquired a Treo 650. My dream phone. Will keep updating this blog with more adventures on this wonderful gadget.


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