Lets make some games baby

These days when I am not playing with my Intel Mac (Okay.. Okay the Compaq V2000), I ‘play’ on another device – my new Sony PSP. The only game titles that I have right now are Wipeout Pure and Ridge Racer. I just fell in love with the graphics of Ridge Racer – and in the last one month made some great progress (by my standards) from Basic to EX tours. I find the 2 cars race in Pro and EX tours to be the most difficult to clear.

The best thing about my PSP is its ability to play homebrews. I still have firmware v1.5 which is great for hacking. I am planning never to upgrade to any higher version of firmwares. (2.6 still requires the GTA UMD to run home brews. No plans to buy this game just to play home brew games. Lumines is a better option for me.). Coming to the point of this blog, I mainly bought the PSP to do some game development. I find game programming to be the most complex and challenging in all kinds of (sometimes silly) programming that I have ever done. I am reading Andre Lamothe’s “Tricks of Windows Game Programming Gurus” currently. Though the book mainly concentrates on Windows Game Programming using DirectX, the principles apply to any platform – I just ignore the DirectX part. The irony is that I am reading the Windows Game Programming book on a Mac ( He.. He..) and developing the games for PSP. (I compiled and installed the PSPSDK cross compiler on OS X). I am planning to publish the source code for the PSP games on this website as I slowly make the progress. We shall start looking at how to display some images, then animate the images, create game loops etc., soon.

BTW, I find mac to be an excellent development platform – the stability of UNIX and useability (more?) of Windows coupled with a great looking GUI, the mac is an ideal platform for anyone doing coding on UNIX.


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