Pocket PC Phone discoveries – 1

Ok, the Internet Explorer on Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition is not so dumb anyway. I happened to receive a call while I was downloading a file through Pocket IE. The GPRS connection got broken and I attended the call. After the call was over, I reopened Internet Explorer. To my surprise, it popped up a dialog box asking me if I want to resume the previous download! Impressive. (This feature, I suppose is not even available in the desktop counterpart!


3 thoughts on “Pocket PC Phone discoveries – 1

  1. hey,cmon,does ur krome iq 700 allow u to download files??where does it store the files??i have never experienced download capabilities.pl tell me how to achieve the same!!

    one more thing,i find u as a techie,so jus wanned to ask u the krome iq 700 rom size?? i want to take its backup and try some other cool roms(qtek,i-mate,…).did u try any of these??jus lemme know!!

  2. I never said in the post that I did this on a iQ700!! I am talking about Pocket PC phones here as opposed to iQ700 which is a windows mobile smartphone.

    Refer to the forum.sda-developers.com website for more details on how to take a backup of the iQ700 ROM. You basically need a miniSD card of atleast 64Mb. You open a serial port to the phone in bootloader mode and run the backup command.

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