The XDA Atom is out!

The much anticipated XDA Atom (which I often referred to in these pages), is finally out. O2 Malaysia released it yesterday amidst much fanfare. It has great multimedia capabilities.

The original HTC Magician had a remarkable sound quality. (If you own an iPod, you will be surprised to know that the sound quality of MP3s are much better on a Magician.) The XDA Atom, which O2 has released as an upgrade to the Magician, needs to have similar sound qualities if O2 wants enthusiasts to embrace this as a pocket multimedia center.

I wish O2 releases this in India as soon as possible. [O2 has this poor history of pricing their products extremely high in India. For example, the O2 Mini retails for INR 32000 whereas the KROME Spy retails for INR 28000. O2 Mini and KROME Spy are one and the same – the HTC Magician.]

Read more about it here.


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