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Computer Warehouse Online – Buy Computers, Computer Parts, Computer Accessories, Laptops and Electronics

Apart from, there are very places where you can buy computers/accessories online in India. This makes it very difficult to do a price comparision with a dealer/reseller.

Came across this website (A bangalore based dealer whose shop is in MG Road.) and is quite comprehensive. The pricelist spreadsheet is very useful and informative. (Look for the price list button on the right hand side on top).

The items do not have specifications listed, which I see is the biggest shortcoming on this website. Hope they will improve the site soon.


2 thoughts on “Computer Warehouse Online

  1. i bought my system from binary world malleshwaram. prices lower than computer warehouse. their website is also good named iterials (like materials made it erials :-))) prices are lower than sproad also. even all cds dvds servers laptops are also lowest prices and ready stock. i used when computer warehouse customer wait three hours for stock coming even they confirming stock is ready – bw it is not like that – they say when stock is there and they reserve for me whennot theree they say clearly when coming – good attitude.

  2. is cool. website loads fast, it’s got nice placement of graphics and prices are competitive. thanks jigni.

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