The Stinking Guy’s best friend

Perfume phone – spread fragrance in the air as you talk –

Are you a stinking rotten guy? If so, Hyundai can come to your rescue. Hyundai introduces the World’s first perfume-enabled mobile phone (After hearing a lot about WAP-enabled, Wi-Fi enabled and EDGE enabled phones, a perfume-enabled phone is a rather refreshing change. Isn’t it?). If you run out of the perfume in the phone, you can buy a refill from the nearest Hutch outlet 🙂 . A Rs 10 recharge card offers full perfume time.

[Interestingly, you need to use a syringe to refill the perfume. If you get calls often, you may want to carry the syringe all the time with you, with the risk of being identified as a drug addict.]

The perfume phone costs a whopping US $1200, which seems totally unjustified for this otherwise ordinary phone.

Acknowledgements: for Photo and Story


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