The RAZR fake emerges

Keepin’ it real fake: Part III – The Non-RAZR – Engadget –

When we were kids, there used to be a class of fountain pens called “Hero” (Oh! How I miss those fountain pens!). Hero pens were made in Japan and it was considered a privilege to use a Hero pen. Kids who had their parents working abroad brought Hero pens of different colors to School and boasted the whole day about how many Hero pens they had. The less forunate ones bought the fake Hero pens. (Fakes are popularly called as ‘Duplicates’ in Indian English). Those fakes were invariably made in China and will start leaking ink within a few days of use. The color of the cap of a fake Hero pen also used to fade away very quickly.

That’s how I was introduced to the world of Chinese fakes. It was often told that given a product, the Chinese could setup machinery to produce the ‘duplicate’ of it within a day’s time. But the fake machinery has become technologically so much advanced that today, Chinese have started making cars which are similar to GM’s and Ford’s.

Coming to the point – I was surprised to see the Motorola V3 being faked by a Chinese company. See the link above for more details. Seemslike the price of the fake is only 1/3rd of the original!! (The original, when introduced in India was priced at INR 36000, apprx US$820. Today, the same V3 is retailing for about INR 12000, apprx US$ 275 !!)


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