The Motorola Q vs. Palm Treo Windows Mobile

Motorola has advanced the release of the eagerly awaited Q by more than 6 monthes. Slated to be released sometime in the middle of next year, the Q is now going to be available by the end of 2005. Needless to say, the announcement from Palm on the upcoming Windows Mobile 5.0 based Treo is the driver for this early launch.

If you are deciding between these two, I would recommend to go for neither. The biggest advantage of these two phones will be the Exchange 2003 Push Email, the blackberry killer! Lets see the disadvantages. The shortcomings of the Q are:

– Though the widescreen resolution of the Q is great for watching movies, it could break the application compatibility of many of the third party applications available in the market today. Note that even the ‘Today’ screen of Smartphone OS needs scrolling!
– It is a Windows Mobile SmartPhone and not a PocketPC! To me, this is the major shortcoming of the Q. When you have QVGA resolution and a Qwerty keyboard, you expect to atleast run a spreadsheet on it. Unfortunately the Smartphone OS does not have Office applications on it! Motorola may bundle an Office document viewer like the Picsel Viewer or Repligo, but editing documents is impossible.
– miniSD slot. Grrr.. The max capacity of the miniSD cards today is 512 MB whereas SD cards are now available with 4GB capacity!

The shortcomings of the Palm Treo Windows Mobile (what an oxymoron that is!) are:
– No wi-fi means no skype.
– The stupid 240×240 resolution is a joke. This resolution is best suited for Windows Mobile Smartphone than the Pocket PC phone edition. On the other hand, HTC has announced a big line of smartphones which come with QVGA resolution. Incidentally, HTC is the one which is going to build the Windows Treo! The 240×240 resolution will again break the compatibility of many of the Pocket PC applications available in the market today. But the Treo has company from the HP 65xx and the 67xx series of Pocket PC phones. This means that many of the applications will be rewritten to be compatible with this crazy resolution.

The above shortcomings mean that the ideal Pocket PC phone is still not available. The HTC Athena (Will be released as the XDA Atom) comes pretty close. Though it does not sport a Qwerty hardware keyboard, it is packed with features like:

– A 2 mega pixel camera
– Wi-Fi
– Smaller than the Smallest pocket pc phone today- the HTC magician.

I would say, wait for the atom!


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