Trivia: How regional composers get ‘inspired’

This is an interesting compilation of how our music directors are getting inspired and coming up with sensational hits! Will you believe if I claim that Yuan Shankar Raja is one of the biggest copy cats ? Many of his hits seem to be blatantly lifted from 80’s pop music. You can listen to the original music as well as the inspired versions on this site.

A R Rahman seems to get inspired by western beats while the greatest composer of our times- Ilayaraja- also seems to have been clearly inspired by some western classical compositions.

The pages on Deva and Anu Malik take a while to load! 🙂

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Office in your pocket

Well, as I start using new features of Windows Mobile, I am getting even more and more excited with these wonderful devices. I knew that the little outlook on my KROME iQ700 supports syncing with an exchange server, but I did not ever try. First of all, I was surprised to find that my company’s IT department supports syncing over the internet (through SSL, of course). When the syncing actually completed, it neatly synchronised the corporate email box on the pocket outlook in my mobile phone. I could also successfully synchronize my contacts and calendar. Exchange server sync doesnt seem to support task synchronization, though it is allowed in case of a desktop sync.

Another cool little utility that was released by microsoft recently is called the “Global Contact Access“. Once downloaded and installed, you can setup meeting notices, search for contact information from the Global Address List (GAL), and compose emails with contacts from the GAL. That is fantastic!

Now some bad news. The WM 5 on my handset has started using too much of RAM and these days once in a while, the handset seems to be hanging. During these times, the available memory is shown as zero. Mmmmm…. I feel that I may downgrade to WM 2003 if this problem persists… That may make me a little uncomfortable and start thinking about my next upgrade. [Which may not get an ‘Offical’ sanction within the next one year. :-)]