The Nokia 770 Internet tablet

The tablet story is back. This time from Nokia. Sure it is elegant, sleek and stylish, but why on earth would Nokia introduce such a product, especially at this juncture, when PDA phones are becoming the order of the day? The latest phone specs are reading like: 3G with VGA resolution, built-in wi-fi etc., A new Smartphone worth its salt will beat this tablet handsdown within 6 months down the lane. Q4 2005 is a vey good possibilty. The feature list of the 770 is here.

If you buy a tablet of this nature, you are:
-stuck with a browser which gets outdated within a few days of buying this.
-absence of hard drive means you have absolutely no download possibilities.

The only positives I see on this device are
-800×600 display
-Linux OS, which means unlimited hackability.

It is not very clear on how often Nokia will provide updates to the firmware for such a product. You need one atleast once in 6 months. Otherwise you will soon end up with an expensive paperweight.

Back home, a small company called Encore Software (of the now almost-dead Simputer fame) has comeup with tablets with keyboard etc., which can do much more than what the Nokia 770 promises (with Office applications, hard disk etc.,). But I still wonder where is the market for such products. Encore’s tablets are supposed to retail for around Rs 8000 to 15,000 (approx US $ 180 to 350). If you go to the local Burma Bazaar, you can get a decent PC assembled for Rs 12,000 (US $270). In that case, why would I go for a crippled tablet that runs on Linux and is hardly upgradeable. (I am mentioning Linux in the negative here because, such tablets are targetted towards beginneers who are often confused by the incompatibilities that exist across operating systems.)

The positive news from Encore is that their tablets are going to be used in the new version of Maini’s Reva electric vehicles.


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