Interesting review on Nokia’s 6630

Another series 60 smartphone from Nokia. I liked the flight mode and WCDMA. Did not like the bulge at the bottom though 🙂

Motorola is back

… with a vengeance. Not only they regained the no.2 slot, but also have grown significantly in this quarter to make a small dent in the No.1’s market share. It is mainly because of new service contracts they won and the launch of products like RAZR V3 and MPX. Bravo Moto ! (Hello Mr Korean, have you become a little complacent ?).

BTW, so much has happened in the last 2 months (…when I almost forgot that I maintain a blog !) in the gadget world and the gnu world that it may take 3 or 4 days for me to write everything in one shot. Important gadget announcements are of course from Apple: the iPod shuffle and Mac Mini. I don’t know if these products will go on to take over the world, but my opinion is that the shuffle is something Apple could have done away with. First of all, it is not a great product. Secondly, there is nothing innvovative about it (Innovation is something which apple is known for). Many people who wanted to buy an iPod will now settle for the shuffle, which is not going to do any good for Apple in the long run. A lack of display means a big NO from my side. (But still I like the way the market the product- ‘life is random’. Highlighting the products drawback as its strength !!)

Then comes the Mac Mini. Not only it is mini in size, but in features too. An outdated graphics processor with 32MB Video RAM (My 2 year old laptop has a 64MB Video RAM), a slow CPU and no audio-in means another big ‘NO NO’ from me. Sure, the Mac is now affordable for the masses, but at the expense of performance. These new product launches are a clear indication that apple is running short of ideas.

Back to mobile business. The Nokia 9300 has something in it for everyone. Only as big as the once ubiquitous 5110, it packs a punch with a Symbian OS, QWERTY keyboard, Full MS Offiice document support, Opera browser, a 640×200 display and no camera means that you can carry it anywhere without worrying about security guards catching you in the act (… of photographing something nasty !). Not yet released in any part of the world. Expect it at the end of the quarter at a mobile shop near you. (May retail for about 35K INR). It is quite smaller than its elder sibling – the 9500.