The Korean In(no)vasion

It is a well known fact that years ago, Samsung was nothing but a smalltime electronics maker selling Sony-like (read: copycat) products. Not anymore. Today the name Samsung is synonymous with innovation and quality. The hallmark of Japanese products till a few years ago. As Samsung and LG forge ahead in the consumer electronics arena, their automobile counterparts are not behind. A few years before, if you drove an Accent or a Kia in US, people did nothing short of laughing at you. Korean cars where considered as low quality products not suitable for the World’s largest automobile market. Not anymore. Hyundai’s Elantra and Santa Fei are a major success in the United States and the company has big plans for the new look Sonata. Now Korean automakers are challenging the Toyotas and Hondas for a larger pie in this huge market.


The 20th century hi-tech products were from the Japanese stable. I won’t be surprised if the Korean’s dislodge the dominance of Japanese and completely outsmart them in the 21st century. Keep your fingers crossed.




Sorely missing the Core

Looks like I need some catching up to do in the Linux world. When I wakeup after a few months, I discover that I have missed the Gnome 2.8 release and the upcoming Fedora Core 3. Considering that I took great pains to hand compile the Gnome 2.6 release (using gargnome), it came as a real shock for me to see that 2.8 is out and 3.0 is on its way. In the meantime, I have been reading about the new 3D UI that many people are talking about and the stabilization of the 2.6 kernel. (Slackware still ships with 2.4 as the default kernel !).


I have to admit (rather shamefully) that my laptop currently has Xandros as the Linux boot. Sometime back I got a CD of Xandros installation with a tech magazine. It made its way into my laptop as a test drive, but it had overstayed not because I liked it, but because I am not doing any Linux ‘thing’ for the last few months.


A couple of more software got installed on my lappy over the weekend. I installed Blender, just to try a few 3D things. I have some idea for the apple smartphone (If at all they make one). Once I model that, I will send it to Apple and get them pay a few millions for it, thus becoming rich enough to buy an iPod. LOL. The other one is Together community edition from Borland. Didn’t get much time to play with it though.


Auto interest in India

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Surely, this is one thing on the upswing ! The number of auto enthusiasts in India is growing by leaps and bounds. This is evident from the ever-increasing number of auto magazines, websites and blogs. From the bread-and-butter M800, the transition is slowly happening to the little cousin Alto to the Tata’s flagship Indica to Indigo to Ikon to….. Woops you have too many choices in this country now. Considering that a decade ago all you had was the bull-dozer like Ambi and its distant relative- the Padmini.