Of Burgers and Bangalore

This is an excerpt from a mail from my colleague Ajit:


guess its an old stuff..got it to read it now..i liked the way the stuff is coined – ‘Bangalored’. a google search gives some interesting stuff..


it seems they have it in some T-shirts in the US – A separate website of American info-tech professionals sells an even pricier T-shirt ($ 19.99) that reads "My Job Went To India And All I Got Was A Stupid T-Shirt."..you also have T-shirts that say – "Don’t get Bangalored".


…On the flip side, there are many US fast food, pizza and burger joints springing up in India even while desi eateries are closing shop. Maybe workers of affected Udupi eateries could consider wearing T-shirts saying "My job got Burgered".  🙂





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