Will iPod become a Smartphone

Do iPods face threat from smartphones ?


The future is with smartphones. Today a smartphone comes with at least:

          A PIM

          A Camera

          A Media Player

          High speed internet access


          Connectivity options including Bluetooth, IrDA, WiFi etc.,

          And of course, the phone.


A little while ago you carried at least 3 devices to get all these functionalities. Considering how ubiquitous the iPods are, one wonders why he needs to carry an additional burden now. At least one model of phone now has a built in hard disk. That means the iPod is in the danger of getting obsolete by smartphones. Doesn’t sound good for a company which came out of shambles just a few quarters ago. They cannot bank on the iPod for long. Statistics say that iPods have a market share of over 92 %. I would say at least 50 % of these people will migrate to a smartphone with music capabilities if it came within a sleek package and an intuitive interface as the iPod.


There are reports saying that Apple shelved plans of coming out with a handheld. That might be an indication they are thinking ahead in this arena. Don’t be surprised if apple comes out with a smartphone for the 2005 holiday season.


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