A beauty by name Treo

I am having sleepless nights because of this beauty. Hmmm… If only they market this in India. [Though my Motorola A760 claims to do most of what this gadget does, it is a pain to operate and get something out of it. The A760 is on its way to eBay (Read Bazee).



OLEDs on my Phone

My once-proud-possession, the LG RD7130 used to have an EL display (The small display on the outside of a flip phone) which used to flash in multi-colors and show the id of the person calling. Turns out that this display is on OLED (Organic LED) which are supposed to replace LCDs in the future. Already Kodak employs OLEDs for its new range of digital cameras. OLEDs consume less power and have a longer life than LCDs.


Infinite Automata
Happened to call the BSNL Call centre for some enquiry. After choosing the right menu options I was greeted with the customary “All our executives are busy. Please be online. Our customer care executive will be with you shortly.”. To my utter disbelief, the recorded voice repeated this continously for more than 10 minutes. (No music, no gap. Non-stop non-sense). It was like an infinte loop. When finally the executive picked up the call, I was even more shocked to hear market-place like noise on the other side. I could hear the faint voice of the Executive who started reading out all the offers currently available in spite of myself interrupting a few times to ask my intended question. Phhooh. Talk about customer service and government establishments.


How to improve your concentration …

… Drive a car !! Ever since I started driving to office (Jayanagar to ITPL, Whitefield – 44 kms per day) I have noticed a marked improvement in my ability to concentrate. :-). Well, my driving adventures started a few years ago in the suburbs of Detroit, where driving is an absolute pleasure. The freeway driving was even more fun, though you feel a bit drowsy when you drive for long durations [Becuase of lesser driver involvement. Wow, how I loved those automatic transmissions]. In our country, even though the quality of roads are improving (You may argue on that, but I am talking about the highways), there is no discipline imposed on the roads. Nobody follows lane discipline and no one bothers about the other guy driving.

May be one day when all the truck drivers are educated and when there is a separate lane designated for two-wheelers, things may improve. Hope those days are not far-away.