How to Screw up your Fedora Installation

Ever since Gnome 2.6 was released, I am trying to get my hands on it. I am too lazy to compile it on my own. [Also I do not want to pay the huge rconnect fee to Reliance Infocomm].

So I decided to use apt and pointed my sources.list to one of the Fedora mirrors. The repository I configured was serving Fedora Core 2 test 2 binaries. I just did an ‘apt-get install gome-desktop ‘ in the good faith that it will install all the gnome dependencies. No. just 2 packages. Again it was ‘apt-get install nautilus’. A few more dependencies and when the installation was complete, my gnome refused to come up. Again some dependency issues. I finally solved all dependencies and still some ‘relocation errors’. When I tried to solve that too, apt was prompting for a 230 MB download of dependent libraries and applicatiions.

Good bye to my current installation of Fedora ! Need to reformat and install FC1 again over the weekend.