Proposal to send men to Mars fraught with risk – The Washington Times: World Briefings

Interesting read on why it is not feasible (or very difficult) to send man to Mars. This reminds me that India is also planning to put a man in space soon. The case has become so strong after rival chinese put a man on space last year. While many people are raising the question of India’s ambition to send a man to moon 4 decades after a man landed there for the first time, it is an issue of pride for ISRO. For a nation which is considered advanced in Satellite and remote sensing technologies, it is already too late to send someone to moon. Better late than never.

The US goverment is already planning to have a human colony in moon. Now, isn’t that over-ambitious? Is it that there is no space on earth? Of course it is costly – but still you can buy land in Koramangala for cheap than moon :-). The implications are too many to list. Man will have to be always clothed in an Astronaut’s suit, Should have heating and cooling arrangements of very high capacity, Prohibitively high travel costs if you want to visit your parents, Non – availability of Idli or Dosa shops for south Indians landing on moon etc., etc., which makes it very difficult to survive on moon for more than a day. But still, the idea of having a short excursion to moon is always exciting. It may not be a good place to spend rest of ones life, but will be a wonderful to pay a short visit. (After all, wearing an astronaut’s suit is more like wearing a scuba diver’s suit, which most of us have doe already.) An artificial beach (Or is a natural one available already) will add to the excitement on moon.


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