Saving the Zaurus – 1

When the charge on the Zaurus was completed, it is time now to load the OS. Right now, I don’t have a download of OZ (OpenZaurus), so I decided to go with the standard ROM from sharp. Installed and booted. Done.

Step 2. Install some software. The first basic necessity is a terminal. So I got the opie terminal and installed it.

Step 3. Customize the interface. This required sometime. I installed the tahoma font (the default helvetica looks ugly. One thing great about MS is their truetype fonts.) and also installed ZStyle. Installed the XP theme and got a nice and beautiful screen. I will post some screenshots over the weekend.

Step 4. Tried to get more information about the ad-hoc wireless networking. Looks like it is not a difficult thing to do. Wait for more information. I have a very interesting project in mind !

That is all for yesterday on the Z. The music sounds good and I have a 512 MB flash card. Can store atleast 100 songs on it. Nice little MP3 player while you are travelling.


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