Of Perl, MP3, WMA and Zaurus

Remember the problem with my Jukebox ? I solved it by writing a java program to rename all the id3 tags. But here is a nice article which talks a lot about MP3 management with perl. Very interesting and useful.

And another gem of an information: MPlayer is supposed to play wma audio files. I usually convert my mp3s to wma files and keep them on my hard disk (The mp3 versions go to my Jukebox) to save space. The disadvantage is that I cant play them in Linux. I tried playing those wma files using gmplayer, but it invariably had skips and jerks while playing. Then I forgot this for sometime. Last week I happened to play a wma file using the mplayer commandline and saw a bunch of error messages scrolling by. It was complaining for a missing dll file. (How ironical ! A linux application complaining for a missing dll !! What next ? BSOD ?). I just copied the dll from my XP partition to /usr/local/lib/win32 and voila – The wmas started playing nice and clean, in fact it sounded better than windows. (Because of the ALSA driver?). What is now lacking is a nice winamp like GUI for mplayer. Any takers ?

Of late, many Linux applications have started using windows dlls (mostly drivers, coders and deoders). Intel has still not released a network drriver for centrino chipset. But open source enthusiasts have already comeup with wrappers on linux for these windows dlls. Good examples are Linuxant and ndiswrapper. All this without wine is quite amazing !

(I’m currently charging my Zaurus battery. It requires a 24 hour charge after a complete discharge. So wait till tomorrow for more updates !).


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