Give life back to the zaurus
Now that I have settled well in Bangalore (devoid of a broadband connection!) its time to dust off some of those gadgets lying around. One of my proud possessions is a Zaurus Linux PDA . Now I have to find some applications/use for it. The following are the things that come to my mind:

– I do not have a wireless router. Is it possible to use the Zaurus for this ?
– If the above is not possible, setup an 802.11 ad hoc network between the Zaurus and cognitron (My compaq x1000 laptop).
– If ad hoc 802.11 works, try to setup a multimedia streaming server to serve audio and video from the laptop and use it in the Zaurus.
– Use it as a laptop replacement. I travel often to my hometown and hate lugging my laptop around. With enough applications and a large memory card (I already own a 512, a 128 and a 32 MB compact flash cards) the Zaurus could well serve the purpose of a laptop.

The above three are the ones that come to my mind now. Maybe I could think of a few more as well, but right now setting up the Zaurus is the first task. There are 3 operating system options available:

Open Zaurus An open source embedded linux OS.
-Official OS from sharp
-The Kompany ROM.

Kompany ROM is more towards users who have purchased a lot of PIM applications from them. The open zaurus is a nice independent OS from the community and has a whole lot of applications for it. The applications are mostly ported from the Linux world. Probably this OS has more applications than any of the other three. The Official ROM is what it is: The sharp made ROM. Quite good.

At present I am thinking of getting my hands the OpenZaurus mainly because:
– It syncs with linux. Sharp is yet to release a linux version of their sync software for the latest ROM.
– Host of applications available. Almost all popular unix utilities and applications are ported to this ROM.
– Highly customizable user interface.

Once I setup my Zaurus with a compiler, interpreter and PIM (Read java, perl and evolution), I’ll set out with the task of building some new projects. Watch out this space for some interesting projects !


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