Jukebox Problems

I had some hardtime with my Creative Nomad Jukebox- it suddenly stopped saving my settings. Everytime you restart, the settings are all lost and sometimes it started booting with a garbled screen. Definitely it was not some other language, but clearly a garbled screen. I tried reinstalling the OS, I even changhed the OS for no luck. I searched the forum archives to see if there were any such issues from users before, but none. Seems like my hard drive (I upgraded the hard drive to 20 gb from the 10 gb drive that was present initially. The 10 gb drive has found a home in an external enclosure and is nicely serving its purpose) has some bad sectors were the Juky stores its settings. So I transferred all the songs back to my laptop using NOTMAD and reformatted the OS. Then I transferred a few songs to the Juky and tried to do some experiments – Just to make sure that it is back in business without any problems. To my delight, it started working as intended.

I realized what a mistake I made when I tried restransferring all my songs back to the Juky – the ID3 tags were all screwed up- especially the songs that are downloaded from the internet. When you transfer the songs to the jukebox, creative playcenter asks whether you want to use the ID3 that is already present in the song or use the one you provide. I ALWAYS used to provide my own so that the songs are rightly indexed. It seems like the jukebox OS DOES NOT overwrite the ID3 already present, but it indexes the information somewhere else. As a result, I now have 7 GB worth of music with screwed up ID3 tags.

Luckily, when NOTMAD transferred the songs to my PC, it marked the file names with Artist-Album-Track No-Title format- so it is only a matter of overwriting the tags on these songs with the information from the file name. I am planning to write a small batch file to take care of this. Now I am in search of a commandline ID3 tag editor !!! Oooph. That was a long story.


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