Renewed interest in Photography
Nothing much over the weekend. Went to a book exhibhition in Manipal Centre hoping to get some good books on Photography. Indeed, there was a section on photography and even some of the books were as new as October 2003, but most of them were ‘ABC of photography’ kind – which is not of much interest for me. I should be doing some justice to the money I spent on the Canon s50 – one of my precious possessions (Others being my Compaq Presario x1000 – a top notch widescreen laptop which has features like an iBook/PowerBook and a Sony MD player).

Then went to Gangarams in search of the same and found some very interesting books. There was a huge collection of John Hedgecoe’s books – I felt like buying all of them ! The photographs were very impressive and the explanations were crisp and clear. I bought one on introductory photography. :-). Well, well it is not of the ‘ABC’ variety – I felt the name was misleading.

Microsoft has released an update to the ‘Plus! Digital Media Edition’ software suite. The download is 22 MB and took nearly 2 hours to download on my Reliance 1xRTT connection. It is a worthy download as the Photo Story tool has a new feature – burning on to VCD !! Sure, the VCD quality is not as good as the wmv version – but you can play your VCDs on any DVD/VCD player – a definite plus in a country like ours were the PC penetration in houses is very insignificant. I converted my Sister’s marriage and engagement sides into a photo story and converted it to a VCD. Can send this piece to my friends and family now.


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