Upgraded to Reliance Color Phone
OK then. After using it for about a month, I felt bored with the RD 2030 LG phone of Reliance. So I thought I will upgrade to LG’s color flip phone – RD7130. It cost me Rs 3000 (around US$ 55) more because I had to return my previous handset.

The phone is quite impressive, especially the external EL display which has icons for signal strength, battery power, messages etc., It also shows the time. However, the scrolling clock looks a bit amateurish for me. I couldnt find a way to stop the scrolling other than using the volume buttons on the side. The color display is good, but has a pink shade – much like my earlier Audiovox Maestro PDA. The RWorld contents are presented in beautiful color, which makes it a lot of fun to use. The phone book is huge – with 1000 entries and you also have auto answer in case you have not subscribed to voice mail service. You can set wall papers, and can have colorful screen savers. Then you have WAP and MMS through RWorld. There are two default games on the phone, which I didnt feel like playing. They made lot of noise :-). Coming to sound, the phone has an excellent polyphonic ringer with 64 different ringtones !!

The price seems to be a bit on the higher side for the phone. I think Rs 10000 is reasonable, but you end up paying Rs 15800 at the end of 3 years for this phone. I will post more abouth the phone as I keep using it.


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